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The Vampire Diaries television on the CW network is one of my favorite shows ever. This show was created by Kevin Williamson and Julie Plec based on the book series by L.J. Smith. This television show is a supernatural and fictional series that takes place in Mystic Falls, Virginia where you can find supernatural beings like vampires, werewolves, and witches. The series focuses on one central character Elena Gilbert (played by Nina Dobrev) and how she falls for a vampire named Stefan Salvatore (played by Paul Wesley). It follows her story along with her many friends trying to live a normal life in a small town surrounded by supernatural beings. One interesting twist to the show that progresses over time is how Elena finds herself falling in love with Stefan’s brother Damon Salvatore (played by Ian Somerhalder) and follows a long many events to how this occurs. It also reveals a ton of mystery around Elena’s past with the town that plots against her and the rest her family and friends in Mystic Falls once she dives into the supernatural world. This television show is specifically a supernatural drama television show targeting young adults and teenagers that is not only fictional but can relate to real life as well.

Three Things I enjoy about the Show:

Three things I enjoy about this show are the relationship between Elena Gilbert and Damon Salvatore, the character Damon Salvatore, and how the show has this huge plot on the doppelganger theory of Elena Gilbert and Katerina Petrova (Katherine Pierce). First, I enjoy the Elena and Damon’s relationship the most because they have an epic love that consumes them all at once but what they have is real. They face many ups and downs like any couple would and they make it through together. Damon was this destructive and bad vampire that no one saw much of except for Elena. She saw in good inside him and thus a friendship sparked between them. As friends and a couple they were always bringing the best out of each other and challenging one another. Elena saved Damon from himself and he brought out her strength and courage. Second, I enjoy the Damon Salvatore character out of all the other characters on the show. Damon is a unique dynamic character who is very strong, opinionated, sarcastic, caring, passionate, and loyal. As a vampire, he is very dark, arrogant, sarcastic, and opinionated but this is only in the beginning until he forms a relationship with Elena. She brings out Damon’s human side more of caring, kind, loyal, loving, and selflessness. With Elena we get to see more of how Damon changes and grows as a person. She helps bring out Damon’s true characteristics and he does anything to be a better person for her. Damon is just damaged from his previous life so he acts out on his dark side when he doesn’t want to face his problems but with Elena he turns that off to try and be human and allow himself to feel something. Third, I really enjoy the doppelganger theory of Elena and Katherine whom is played by Nina Dobrev. These two characters are a known lineage of doppelgangers from the story of the one of the immortals Amara. The reason for their being in the supernatural world is to maintain a natural balance in the world since they were supernatural copies of original supernatural beings. There are copied as a loophole in the supernatural world based on the Immortality spell created by the witch Qetsiyah used on their original copies. Katherine and Elena were both doppelgangers who came along thousands of years later and both love interests of Damon and Stefan.

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 Agreement Comment to Elena and Damon Blog: 

I agree with you that Damon and Elena are an adorable couple on the show. Delena are my favorite couple ever on the show and I really wish Nina Dobrev wouldn’t have left the show after season six. I mean I get she done it because she thought it was time but things were finally starting to look up for them toward the end of season six. Elena had just gotten back to being a human and Damon was willing to become human again just to be with her. He realized he wanted her more than anything and it was just so sad how she left. Don’t get me wrong I’m really enjoying season seven and the new plots they have going on but it’s not the same without Elena. Also, it just breaks my heart seeing Damon so broken after losing her and going back down a path of destruction after coming out of the phoenix stone and thinking he killed her. I really hope they bring her back so that we can have Delena back. They are just one of the best couples on there and you can relate to their relationship of bringing out the best in one another and overcoming obstacles together.

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Damon Salvatore is my favorite character out of all the characters in the show. He is just that typical mysterious, damaged, and dynamic character that you easily fall in love with. He may have a dark side but overall he really is loyal, caring, and kind despite sharing those characteristics of himself just for Elena. For instance, any time Stefan is in trouble or needs Damon he might act sarcastic and do bad things but he is always loyal to his brother and helps him out when Stefan needs him. Loyalty is one trait of Damon that has always been noticeable despite proving himself to Elena and its one trait that makes him so interesting to figure him out and understand some of the selfless acts he does do throughout the show.

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I agree with these three following blogs that are giving a lot of love towards how the Vampire Diaries is one of the best shows out there:

I agree with these blogs listed above because they share my love for the television show the Vampire Diaries and talk about just how great the show really is. Each blog brags about how Vampire Diaries never leaves a fan disappointed with the characters, the action, the humor, the romance, and much more. This show that is action and dram packed always leaving you on the edge of your seat and craving more with each episode you watch. It’s one of those shows you just cannot stop watching and you find yourself absorbed into the fantastic world of the Vampire Diaries. I mean you basically grow with the characters as they grow on the show and follow along each different characters story lines and feel as if you are a part of Mystic Falls and can relate to some of the characters experiences.

Three Blogs I Disagree With:

I disagree with these three following blogs that are giving a lot of hate toward Elena Gilbert on the show:

I disagree with the above blogs because they are hating on the character Elena Gilbert by talking about how much they dislike her because she has become so selfish and mean. They are talking about how she is all about herself and just complains all the time or she has become a boring character. First of all, I understand everyone is entitled to their opinions and this is just a television show but I’ve been following it since it came out and Elena is one of those characters that has been handed a lot of tragedy and loss and thrown into becoming a vampire when she never wanted to be. Her decision to be human and not become a vampire when death came was taken from her and on top of that she has had to watch so many loved ones die and go through so much I don’t blame her for complaining a little or thinking about what she wants. Also, she is just trying to figure out how to live a normal live again while dealing with being a vampire and trying to gain some of her freedom back. We all are selfless at times and if someone were to have a choice taken from them, can you blame them for being a little moody?

My Favorite Blog:

My favorite blog would have to be “Julie’s Diary” on Entertainment Weekly by Julie Plec. Every week one of the creators- Julie Plec- from the television show the Vampire Diaries creates a blog page where she shares experiences, stories, answers questions, and reviews each episode from every season for the fans. This is wonderful blog that I personally prefer to visit when I want to catch up what is going on with the show or learn news about the show. I love how Julie Plec takes time out and answer questions for fans and even gives us stories or experiences of being on set with all the actors. Her blog is great for fans to get a personal inside sight of what goes on the set of the Vampire Diaries and information in regards to the show. My favorite part of some of her blog pages is when she gives tidbits from the set and the actors about things o set or changes for their characters. It’s just nice to read a breakdown of episodes from someone on set who can give insight to the show and sometimes reveals small spoiler alerts to keep fans’ interest peaked. I would absolutely recommend her blog for die-hard fan to read.

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